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Use of Municipal Reserves

The Summer Village of Yellowstone currently allows residents winter storage of the following items on the Summer Village’s Community Reserve Park/Municipal Reserve areas, however, these items MUST be removed by May 31st of each calendar year:
• boat lifts,
• boat hoists,
• pier sections.

​All items that are not removed from the Community Reserve Areas by May 31st will be ticketed and towed.

All other storage and uses are considered unapproved encroachments onto Municipal Property and Public Lands. The Summer Village of Yellowstone is currently promoting the education of its residents to resolve the problem of encroachment. Encroachment happens when residents expand their yards and personal property onto public property. This can be done in many ways, including; planting trees, hedges, landscaping, gardens, fire pits, storage of RV’s, boat lifts, firewood, composters, grass cuttings, tree branches, installation of fences, building sheds, dumping garbage, etc. These items are not permitted on any public property, including municipal reserves, leased land, parks, utility right of ways, streets or any other property owned by the Summer Village unless strictly allowed by the Municipality.

Policy 2-2015 –  Boat Lift and Storage Removal

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