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Summer Village Information

Fire Advisory – Removed (NEW)
As of May 19, 2024 the Fire Advisory has been lifted for the Summer Village of Yellowstone.

Coming Spring of 2024
Yellowstone’s Council and Administration is pleased to announce that Municipal Reserve One (MR1) will be the demonstration site of a Riparian Restoration project that serves to reintroduce native plants to the riparian area. These plants will be donated by The North Saskatchewan Watershed Alliance’s Regional Lake Stewardship Project and will be planted by volunteers. If you are interested in volunteering for this event, please get in touch with Kim at the Village Office @ [email protected] or by calling (587) 862-0500. This demonstration area is accessible from the Village’s walking path just off Range Road 33 (between 1st and 2nd Street) and just South (between the lake and the walking path); signage will be erected. Please click here to see signage for this area, and make sure to come and check it out in the Spring/Summer of 2024 and learn about the importance of the Riparian area and Lake Health!

ALMS Winter Lakekeepers season kickoff
Alberta Lake Management Society (ALMS) Winter Lakekeepers program has begun. To learn more click here to view the ALMS Winter Lakekeepers 2023 webinar.

NSWA (North Saskatchewan Watershed Alliance) – Youth Water Council program
Starting February 2024, and are looking for 12 passionate students (ages 15 -18) to join! This program is the first of its kind in our watershed and will mobilize and educate youth on local watershed issues while empowering members to explore careers in the environmental sector. The Youth Water Council (YWC) will play an essential role in building a sustainable and resilient future within the NSR watershed by engaging the next generation of watershed leaders. The 2024 Youth Water Council will embark on a journey of discovery over 5 months, through virtual learning sessions, weekend camps, and the creation of their own Innovative Project. Learn more by clicking here, and stay tuned for the application opening in the next coming weeks.

Phone and online scams are increasing in Canada. To become educated and not fall prey to these tactics, become aware of latests scams and report any attempts you may have received to Canada’s anti-fraud website by clicking here.

Yellowstone’s Official Facebook Page
Yellowstone has a Facebook presence. The Facebook site will serve as an information tool sharing relevant Village information from the Village’s website while also aiming to build community. This site will be updated as time permits. Note these sites are informational only and questions should be directed to the Village office. Please look for the following names on Facebook:
-Yellowstone’s Facebook Profile is: SV Yellowstone
– Yellowstone’s Facebook page is: Summer Village of Yellowstone
– Yellowstone’s Facebook Group (Private and only for residents) is: SV of Yellowstone Community Group. Abuse or misinformation will not be tolerated.

ATTENTION Boat Lift/ Piers/Piers Stand Owners
Effective Immediately -At the June 16th Council meeting, Yellowstone Council updated Policy POLICY A-TRA-BOAT-1. Under this new update, residents wishing to continue to store Boat Lifts/ Pier sections / Pier Stands on municipal reserves are NOW required to sign an agreement with the Village. To request an agreement, please get in touch with the Village office to have one sent to you. Once an agreement is signed, residents will receive a Village-assigned tag/number to be placed on stored items that identify the stored items with the owner.   All items stored on Municipal Reserves that do not have a signed agreement and Village assigned tag will be removed from the Municipal Reserves. Please note there are additional requirements when storing items on Municipal reserves; these requirements are listed in the agreement. For more information, please contact the Village office. Please click here to view/print the application form YSMR-0623. Applications MUST include a photo of the stored item(s) and proof of liability insurance.

Locked Gates on Municipal Reserves
Residents requiring access to areas with locked gates must give the Village at least 48 hours notice to have gates unlocked.

2022 Municipal Accountability Program Report
The Village recently underwent a Municipal Accountability Audit. To view the outcome and remedies of this report, click here.

News & Updates​

April 17, 2024 to May 30, 2024
East End Bus Society Services Schedule
Click here for the schedule

May 17th, 2024
The next Council meeting is May 17th, @ 9:00 A.M. at the Municipal building located at 500 Morin Drive, Yellowstone. The Council meeting agenda and minutes can be found on the Council page under Council> Meetings/Minutes/Agendas. A link for the agenda will be posted here closer to the meeting date. Click here to view the agenda.

May 18, 2024
Yellowstone is having Fire Smart Event. The Village’s Director of Emergency Management and Deputy Director of Emergency Management will be holding an educational event on Saturday, May 18th, 2024 Event time is to be determined – Please check back soon!

May 28, 2024
LILSA (Lake Isle Lac Ste. Anne) Water Quality Society is holding their next meeting Tuesday, May 28, 2024 @ 7pm. Join in by clicking the zoom link here. Become involved and help make a difference. Volunteers needed!

June 22, 2024
The Village is will planting and developing its Riparian Restoration Demonstration site with the help of representatives from the North Saskatchewan Watershed Alliance on June 22, 2024. If you are interested in volunteering for this event please contact Kim at the Village office by emailing [email protected]. This event requires all volunteers to sign a waiver and to bring your own shovel (BYOS). Hope to see you there!

June 23, 2024
The Village’s Director of Emergency Management and Deputy Director of Emergency Management will be holding their annual Emergency Management exercise on Sunday, June 23rd from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. If you were involved last year you will be contacted directly. If you haven’t already and would like to participate please email [email protected] directly.

August 17, 2024
The Village will holding is first Annual Information Meeting (AIM) on August 17, 2024 from 12:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. at the municipal building located at 500 Morin Drive. This event is an opportunity for residents to inquire and ask questions of Council or the Village’s Chief Administrative Officer regarding the Village. Hope to see you there!